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RTD Denver Quality of Life - Final

Challenge - Educate the public on the benefits of taking transit in Denver, while highlighting the past 5 years achievements of the RTD FasTracks system.

Result - RTD's Communication team agreed to the production of a video that was very different from previous RTD videos. Taking a more artistic approach to colorization and style, Two Hundred produced, from start to finish, this brief story of the success of the FasTracks system.

A bit of interesting FasTracks history and our role in it follows...

"How Denver Leaders Pulled Off a Public Transit Miracle"

RTD FasTracks 2003/2004 Bond Measure

Client: Cal Marsella, General Manager, RTD Denver

Challenge: After two failed attempts at securing RTD board approval for the FasTracks transit initiative,
Cal Marsella hired our creative team to create a presentation to gain consensus within the RTD Board and alignment with the vision.

Solution: We quickly discovered the main reason the initiative previously failed. 1) The plan was so massive and so complex, the RTD Board and their constituents had a difficult time understanding why they should care and how improvement in mobility would benefit the region.

We created a presentation that visually showed what each transit option looked like in the context of each community - from BRT to DMU to LRT. Cal took our presentation to each community leader represented by the Board and discussed the options for where each line could go and how it would benefit each community economically.

Result: In 2003, RTD achieved Board consensus and approved the plan. In November 2004, voters approved the ballot measure. The largest US mass transit project is nearly complete and this video was produced by Two Hundred to celebrate FasTracks success during its first decade.